Histology Atlas Overview

The histopathology images are captured digitally at a 24-bit RGB color depth and are saved in the JPEG format. The optical resolution of each image is 1520 x 1080 pixels (1.6 megapixels per color plane). All of the tissues used for these images are stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and the magnification accompanying each image refers to the objective magnification used to capture it (not the total magnification).

The following Nikon objectives were used:

1x /0.04 Plan UW
2x / 0.1 Plan Apo
4x / 0.2 Plan Apo
10x / 0.45 Plan Apo
20x / 0.50 Plan Fluor
20x / 0.75 Plan Apo
40x / 0.75 Plan Fluor

Whenever possible, the following tissues are matched for gender among genotypes: kidney, adrenal gland, and salivary gland.