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Bred for Success.

DeltaOne™ from Deltagen provides you fast and flexible per-gene access to just the knockout mice and/or phenotypic data you need.

With DeltaOne, you get targeted knockouts generated through proven technologies and comprehensive phenotypic data analyzed across consistent protocols. In fact, the quality of our science has been validated by world-class pharmaceutical companies who utilize DeltaBase®, our premier in vivo-derived gene function database.

DeltaOne also gives you:
• Choice of targets from a vast selection of tractable targets from the most promising gene families
• Industry-leading turnaround times for a competitive edge

DeltaOne from Deltagen delivers the best-of-breed in per-gene knockout mice. To learn how DeltaOne can help accelerate your target validation or for complete terms and availability, please contact
Pedigreed Science.

DeltaOne™ is built upon a heritage of scientific rigor you can trust. Deltagen’s unique, high-throughput in vivo mammalian knockout technology platform creates mouse models of the highest quality. This improves the integrity of your research, which is critical to efficiently prioritizing targets for screening and drug development.

DeltaOne targeted knockouts are constructed by homologous recombination and created in-house from consistent background strains. Unlike random mutagenesis or gene trap approaches, our propriety methodology ensures a single targeted gene deletion or knockout event. To enhance the power of your research, we can provide comprehensive cellular gene expression analysis and/or tissue-specific RT-PCR analysis—available through our data access program.

All DeltaOne knockouts are backed by a comprehensive support package, including complete deletion confirmation, and genotyping protocols and documentation.
Largest Selection.

DeltaOne™ offers you a robust selection of tractable targets from the most promising gene families. Nearly 900 lines of knockout mice are currently available, with phenotypic data on 750 of these knockout lines.

DeltaOne knockouts come from the important gene families you are successfully targeting for drug discovery. For the specific availability of DeltaOne knockouts relevant to your research, please search against our selection of DeltaOne knockouts.

Faster Delivery.

DeltaOne™ delivers industry-leading turnaround times. Deltagen's inventory of knockout mice are cryopreserved as embryos. Embryos are available for delivery immediately and live knockout mice can be delivered in as little as 3-4 months.* Phenotypic data packages—including pathology and clinical analyses—are available immediately.

By contrast, conventional initiation and generation of knockout mice can take as long as 12 to 36 months. Phenotypic data analysis typically can add several more months to the process. Such delays impede discovery efforts in today’s competitive research environment.

*Or Frozen embryos immediately
Faster Delivery.

DeltaOne™ offers you the benefit of per-gene flexibility. To better fit your needs, DeltaOne gives you the choice of ordering knockout mice, phenotypic data, or both mice and data. For complete terms and conditions, please contact
Customer Assistance.

To search for your gene(s) of interest, simply click the Search DeltaOne Knockouts button and register as a new user.

Contact Information.

For product-specific information regarding DeltaOne™, please contact:

Winston Thomas, Ph.D.
VP of Scientific Operations
Bred for Success.

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